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Saba Group is a trusted consultancy company based in Baghdad, Iraq, specializing in providing comprehensive regulatory affairs services. We cater to various sectors including pharmaceuticals, generics, consumer health, medical devices, and other life cycle products, offering tailored regulatory solutions to healthcare providers and companies in the region. 

In addition to our expertise in regulatory affairs, we are proud to announce our expansion into the tender business field. As a part of our commitment to serving our clients’ diverse needs, we now offer specialized services in tender management. This allows us to assist our clients in successfully participating in tender processes, ensuring compliance with requirements and maximizing their chances of success.

At Saba Group, we understand the unique challenges faced by manufacturers in achieving regulatory compliance and market approval. Our experienced team of Regulatory Affairs consultants provides personalized support, offering a wide range of services including Regulatory Affairs consultancy, CMC consulting, and regulatory submissions and correspondence.

With a deep understanding of the Ministry’s regulatory requirements, our dedicated Regulatory Affairs team works closely with clients to ensure compliance throughout the registration process. We guide our partners in preparing all necessary registration documents, assist in file preparation, oversee submission to the ministry, and actively monitor the approval process to ensure timely results.

What sets Saba Group apart is our team of talented and dynamic professionals. With extensive experience in regulatory affairs consultancy, particularly in the lucrative Iraqi market, we are well-versed in the requirements of international pharmaceutical organizations and the high standards they demand from their partners and suppliers.

Our expert team is well-equipped to assist clients in navigating the tender process, providing strategic guidance, competitive pricing strategies, and ensuring compliance with tender requirements. This new addition further strengthens our commitment to supporting our clients in achieving regulatory and tender success in Iraq.

Driven by a passion for building an integrated regulatory and drug scientific company, Saba Group’s promoters, led by Dr. Ehab, and our dedicated team collectively possess over 30 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Their expertise and unwavering commitment have been the driving force behind our company’s growth and the foundation of our strong value system.

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Saba Group's Remarkable Journey since 2008

Since our establishment in 2008 and official registration with the Ministry of Commerce of Iraq, Saba Group has emerged as a prominent player in the regulatory services industry. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has enabled us to register over 250 production sites and more than 1000 products, supporting manufacturers in their quest for market access in Iraq.

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Driving Access, Innovation, And Quality

Saba Group's Mission for a Healthier Iraq

Enhancing Access to Approved Medicines

Our mission is to reduce the number of non-registered medicines in Iraq, ensuring that only approved and quality medicines approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Health reach the citizens.

Facilitating Scientific Research and Development

We aim to support the work of companies and offices of Scientific Research and Development in Iraq. By providing comprehensive regulatory services, we enable research organizations to focus on innovation and contribute to advancements in healthcare.

Improving Healthcare Standards

Our mission extends to the improvement of healthcare standards in Iraq. By ensuring the availability of approved medicines, we play a crucial role in enhancing the quality and safety of healthcare delivery.


Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Saba Group's Vision for Regulatory Excellence and Industry Advancement

Leading Regulatory Excellence

We aspire to lead the way in regulatory excellence, setting the standard for exceptional regulatory services in Iraq's pharmaceutical industry.

Advancing Healthcare Through Compliance

Our vision is to contribute to the advancement of healthcare in Iraq by ensuring regulatory compliance and promoting access to quality medicines.

Empowering Industry Growth

We are dedicated to empowering the pharmaceutical industry in Iraq by streamlining regulatory processes and fostering innovation for sustainable industry growth.

Extensive Regulatory Knowledge

Strategic Partnerships​

Your Competitive Edge in Regulatory Affairs

Advantages of Saba Regulatory

Our team possesses in-depth local regulatory expertise, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of Iraq’s regulatory landscape

Quick Turnarounds & Faster Time-to-Market

Up-to-Date Compliance

Our strong partnerships with regulatory authorities and local distributors enable us to streamline the regulatory process, fast-track market access, and provide our clients with a competitive edge in the Iraqi market.

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