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Meet Our CEO Dr. Ehab Nahil

Dr. Ehab Nahil, the esteemed CEO of Saba Regulatory, is a dynamic leader and a prominent figure in the pharmaceutical and regulatory affairs industry. With a distinguished career spanning over 20 years, Dr. Ehab has played a pivotal role in shaping the success and growth of Saba Regulatory.

Having founded Saba Regulatory Company and Saba Drug Scientific Bureau, Dr. Ehab possesses a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape in Iraq. His vision and expertise have positioned Saba Regulatory as a trusted partner for companies seeking comprehensive regulatory solutions.

Before establishing Saba Regulatory, Dr. Ehab held various key management positions in both national and international companies. Notably, he served as the Head of Iraqi Regulatory Affairs for Sanofi Company, a global pharmaceutical giant, for nearly a decade. During his tenure at Sanofi, Dr. Ehab demonstrated exceptional leadership in registering and re-registering the company’s products and factories with the Iraqi Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health of Kurdistan.

Driven by his passion for advancing the healthcare industry in Iraq, Dr. Ehab pursued further professional development and obtained a professional certificate in International Regulatory Affairs from esteemed regulatory bodies such as the FDA, EMEA, and MHRA. This extensive training has enhanced his regulatory expertise and broadened his understanding of global regulatory standards, enabling him to provide unparalleled guidance to clients.

Under Dr. Ehab’s visionary leadership, Saba Regulatory has emerged as a leading consultancy firm, providing end-to-end regulatory affairs services to healthcare providers and companies in various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, generics, consumer health, and medical devices. His strategic approach, in-depth knowledge, and commitment to excellence have propelled Saba Regulatory to the forefront of the industry.

As a highly respected industry expert, Dr. Ehab is known for his collaborative and client-centric approach. He works closely with clients to understand their specific needs, challenges, and goals, ensuring that Saba Regulatory delivers tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

Driven by a mission to improve healthcare standards in Iraq, Dr. Ehab leads the Saba Regulatory team with integrity, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of regulatory excellence. Under his guidance, the company continues to expand its services, forge strategic partnerships, and make a lasting impact in the Iraqi healthcare landscape.

Leading with Expertise and Dedication

Meet With Our Experts

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Dr. Ali Ahmed

With his deep understanding of the regulatory environment, Dr. Ali proactively identifies potential challenges and develops strategies to overcome them. He conducts thorough assessments and gap analyses to identify areas of improvement and works closely with clients to develop tailored regulatory strategies that meet their specific needs.

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Regulatory Manager

Dr. Mostafa Hamdi

As a Regulatory Manager, Dr. Hamdi is responsible for overseeing and managing regulatory processes, ensuring that all necessary requirements are met for product registrations, renewals, and approvals. With his strong knowledge of local and international regulations, he navigates the intricacies of regulatory frameworks and ensures that our clients’ products adhere to the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficacy.

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Regulatory Specialist

Hamza Waleed

Hamza assists in preparing and submitting regulatory documents, such as product dossiers, registrations, and renewals. He conducts detailed reviews and assessments to ensure accuracy and completeness, working diligently to address any gaps or issues that may arise. Hamza also assists in coordinating regulatory submissions and interactions with regulatory authorities, maintaining open lines of communication to facilitate smooth and timely approvals.

Tahqiq Yahya - Logestic Manager

Logistic Manager

Dr. Tahqiq Yahya

Dr. Tahqiq Yahya is a highly skilled and dedicated logistic manager at Saba Regulatory. With her extensive experience in logistics and supply chain management, Dr. Tahqiq ensures seamless coordination and efficient operations within the organization.


Medical Manager

Dr. Ali Ehab

Dr. Ali Ehab works closely with our regulatory and scientific departments to develop and implement medical strategies that align with our clients’ needs and objectives. His expertise in medical affairs and his understanding of the pharmaceutical industry contribute to the success of our regulatory initiatives.


Sales Manager

Dr. Abbas Ehab

Dr. Abbas Ehab is known for his exceptional interpersonal skills and ability to build strong relationships with clients. He understands the importance of understanding customer needs and delivering customized solutions that meet their requirements. 

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